The company KOLMAG located in Northern Italy has been operating for over 30 years in the design and production of CNC Machining Center for WOOD industry, but it has also developed CNC for others sectors like PLASTICS, ALUMINIUM and LIGHT ALLOYS, COMPOSITE MATERIALS, MODELS and MOULDS sectors.

The vast experience and the commercial development of all these years has led to the creation of a wide range of machines and has allowed us to sistinguerci market with special solutions and innovative.The offered working centres present the high quality of the made in Italy, they are designedand built with the aim to satisfy every necessity of work and production in the sectors of wood, plastic and aluminium. For this reason, the skilled and available staff of SAOM is ableto accompany the customer in the choice of the product suitable to the requirements, ableto follow in the purchase and after with the post-selling service.
By standard and special solutions, the CNC machining centres are with the operating groups that comply at the best to the customer’s demands:
ML Line: “entry level” CNC machining centres, cheap range with good performances,with an excellent price quality relation, with fi xed table and mobile traverse.
E Line: basic model of CNC machining centres, however rapid, precise and fl exibleperformance.
T Line: intermediate kind of CNC machining centres, with fi xed table and mobile traversecarring the operating units.
M Line: CNC machining centres with the particularity of its structure solid and robustthank to the mobile bridge and fi xed table.
P Line: CNC machining centres of high type, with fi xed bridge and mobile tables, freelyconfi gurable and customized according to the request.
TWIST Line: CNC machining centres confi gured for the working of the pieces in 3D 5axis, made by the operating Twist heads, with A axis +/-225° rotation and C axis +/-100°rotation.
Moreover a complete range of traditional machines, such as wood shredders, manual spindlevertical and coping pin routers and a range of shredders for the recycling of the machiningchips is also available.Indeed in this brochure you can fi nd the products of other our brands:
VEMAC splicing machines and hydraulic guillotines
KOLMAG  membrane presses
CIGOMAK vacuum dryer